Lisbon, Portugal
Years active:
Fado, World Music, Adult Contemporary Music
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BC Radio 3's award for Best European Artist in World Music(2003), EBBA Award(2004), Latin Grammy nomination for Best Folk Album etc

Personal Information

20 years of career, 20 years of music. 20 years of a journey that began discreetly, as an almost hidden local phenomenon, shared only by a small circle of Lisbon admirers. And what made Mariza, and her extraordinary voice, one of the most applauded stars on the World Music circuit. And a true ambassador of Fado who does not hesitate to take it along new and daring paths, without ever losing sight of her soul.

No other Portuguese artist since Amália Rodrigues has built an international career with such success, accumulating success after success on the most prestigious world stages, enthusiastic references from the most demanding music critics and an endless succession of international awards and distinctions.

It all started with her debut album, Fado em Mim, released in 2001, which quickly led to numerous highly successful international performances and which ended up winning her the BBC Radio 3 award for the Best European Artist in the field of World Music. Mariza’s career would continue from then on with greater success than ever, with constant performances on the most important stages in the world.

In the last twenty years, Mariza has long surpassed the stage where it could be just a mere exotic episode in the World Music scene, capable of being replaced by any new colorful phenomenon that appears in another geographic corner of the record industry market. She has already proved to be a great international artist, of strong originality and enormous talent, from whom much is to be expected in the future. The girl from Mozambique, raised in Lisbon’s popular neighborhood of Mouraria, appropriated the roots of her musical culture and became a universal artist capable of opening herself to the world without losing her intense awareness of her Portuguese identity. And the Portuguese public is the first to recognize his triumph and to pay him with boundless love and gratitude