Workshop – Viana Embroidery Workshop [Bordado de Viana]

16th May 2023
10:00 am

Advanced registration is required.  Each workshop consists of two days. The workshops are limited to 10 participants per session are open to everyone and are FREE! 

For more information, please contact Cristina Martins at 416-399-1901.


The Real Canadian Portuguese Historical Museum (RCPHM) was established in 1986 to promote the history and to continue research, and appreciation of, the heritage of the Canadian Portuguese community in Canada.

The RCPHM, located at 44 Atomic Ave. in Toronto, is a remarkable place where history meets art, and where the chronology of the Portuguese from the homeland to Canada is on display.  The Museum has a rare and fascinating collection of artifacts and exhibitions that speak to both the Portuguese and Canadian cultures. 

The Museum’s aim is to preserve the cultural spirit and historical memories of the Portuguese community in Canada

Recently, the RCPHM received funding from the New Horizons for Seniors Program – a Government of Canada-sponsored program – for a project that aims at bringing a positive impact to the health and well-being of seniors in our community.

The Golden Age Breakfast Club & Skills Development Initiative aims to reduce the social isolation of seniors primarily in the Canadian Portuguese community. The project will provide the opportunity for seniors to remain active and learn new skills through a series of FREE community events. The project will also provide opportunities for seniors to network and be part of the social fabric of their community, thereby reducing the risk factors of social isolation and promoting a more age-friendly community.  The project will also provide an opportunity for us to celebrate Portuguese culture and traditions as well as acknowledge the 70 years of the arrival of the Portuguese pioneers to Canada.